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About Diamas Ltd.

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Diamas Ltd. is committed to meet the needs of our customers with oil quality control and machine condition monitoring services and associated products. Test kits and test equipment supplied by Diamas effectively measure, monitor and manage the quality of essential fluids used to maintain and operate capital equipment.
To that end, we strive for continuous improvement in our capability and adaptability to meet customer needs and ensure their satisfaction.
We have also realized that the latest, most expensive analytical instrumentation is not always the most efficient testing method.
That's why we have learned to take a specific analytical problem and reduce it to the simplest, most reliable testing technique possible.
This results in an inexpensive test kit and instruments that can be used in the field or in laboratory with confidence by someone who is not a full time analytical chemist but is required to do testing as just one of many tasks.
We believe that when a customer purchases from Diamas, they buy more than just a product, they buy our complete services and capabilities.
We are dedicated to providing not only the best instruments and software available, but also the best possible customer support and service.
Look through the site and see if your testing requirements can be met by any of the products described.
If you have questions about any of them, please call as we have technical people available to help you sort out specific applications.

119571, Russia, Moscow, ul. Academician Anokhin, 64, building A
tel/fax: +7 495 287-93-12 e-mail: diamas@diamas.ru